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Experiential Learning for the 21st Century - Nov 2021

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

An Initiative by CBSE and NESTS, Ministry of Tribal Affairs in collaboration with Tata Trusts, TISS and Mahatma Gandhi International School (Ahmedabad).

Education is undergoing a revolutionary change. Our children need to be equipped with 21st-century skills and learning processes. This course will empower teachers with ideas and strategies that make the learning process more meaningful, that add challenges, that allow linkages with real-life and hone creativity, communication, and collaboration skills among their students.


At the end of the course, the participants will be able to
  • Understand the need for and principles of Experiential Learning peer.
  • Develop skills to implement Experiential Learning.
  • Evaluate processes and tools available for Experiential Learning and map them to the purpose.
  • Use and adapt the tools and processes best suited to the context.
  • Implement at least one tool/process of Experiential Learning and reflect on its effectiveness.

Course Overview

Unit 1: What does Experiential Learning Look Like in the Classroom?

Duration: 2 weeks

In this unit, we will learn about and understand various activities that can be used in the classroom to teach concepts.

Unit 2: What is Experiential Learning?

Duration: 2 weeks

In this unit, we will connect the practice to the theory. Learners may have already formulated hypotheses about this kind of learning process. We explore if their vision and the thinkers' vision match.

Unit 3: Why Use Experiential Learning?

Duration: 2 weeks

This module focuses on assessment and reflection and posits ways one could map learning outcomes and competencies to learning processes.

Who can join the course?

This course is being run for Eklavya Model Residential Schools Teachers as part of a collaborative venture between the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA), CBSE, Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) Ahmedabad, Tata Trusts, and Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Hence, this currently available to only those teachers and HMs nominated (and sponsored) by MoTA and CBSE in the six states of Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tripura.


Learners must have
  • Completed graduation degree.
  • A teaching position in a CBSE School.
  • Computer/laptop/mobile device with internet access.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Anusha Ramanathan

Assistant Professor, Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE, formerly CEIAR), TISS

I have taught for more than a decade at undergraduate and the postgraduate levels across various domains including English and Mass Media and Business Studies. I also wear the caps of course coordinator, examiner, teacher trainer, corporate trainer, researcher, editor, content developer, syllabus designer and reviewer at different times in various institutions. I lead the TPD English development and delivery as part of the English Team at CLIx.

Course Staff Image #2

Bindu Thirumalai

Assistant Professor | Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE, formerly CEIAR) | TISS

I have over 18 years’ experience working in the development, academic and corporate sectors, including research and programme implementation in mathematics, technology, and teacher education, and software development. My research interests include teacher education, ICT and education and mathematics education. I currently coordinate the RTICT postgraduate certificate programme.

Course Staff Image #3

Ruchi Kumar

Assistant Professor | Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE, formerly CEIAR) | TISS

My research interests lie in analyzing the interaction between teachers’ beliefs, knowledge and practices, and in the role of communities in teachers’ learning. I have taught and designed courses for teachers and have six years of teaching experience at the school level. At CLIx, I am engaged in brainstorming for the student modules and in anchoring the Teacher Professional Development module for Mathematics.

Course Staff Image #4

Anju Chazot

Founder, Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS), Ahmedabad

Dr Anju Chazot founded the Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) in Ahmedabad in 1999 and introduced Joyful Experiential learning in India through this PPP model school under the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Today, Anju is recognised as the pioneer in Experiential Learning in India by the Ministry of Education. She has been invited to present experiential learning practices at various forums such as Sahodaya groups, Navodaya Vidyalaya etc. and has trained several CBSE schools across India in Hisar, Kolkata, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Jaipur etc. Currently she is involved in training Kendriya Vidyalaya Master trainers for toy based pedagogy and creating a training in pedagogy based games for the CBSE board. She has founded the ‘Co-creative experiential learning’ movement as a community of practice.

Course Facilitators and Content Contributors

Course Staff Image #5

Ravinder Kaur

Teacher, Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS), Ahmedabad

Ms Ravinder Kaur is an IB and GRL pedagogy trained teacher with 21 years of experience in teaching students aged 12-18 years. With a background in both Science and Languages, her expertise involves charting out interdisciplinary projects connecting Humanities, Sciences and Languages.

Course Staff Image #6

Minoo Joshi

Teacher, Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS), Ahmedabad

She has been trained for its unique experiential learning pedagogy (Generated Resources Learning) under the guidance of Dr Pascal and Dr Anju Chazot and is the Middle Years Programme Co-ordinator. She is a teacher trainer at MGIS and has worked with GCERT and for the International Baccalaureate Boards giving trainings in India, France, Australia and New Zealand.

Course Staff Image #7

Joona Sheel

Teacher, Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS), Ahmedabad

Having successfully implemented experiential learning pedagogy in her own classes, she now conducts workshops on the same for teachers, both within and outside MGIS and guides them on using the GRL experiential learning pedagogy in classroom. Currently she is also the lead trainer of the Co-Creative experiential learning team for CBSE schools.

Course Staff Image #8

Anita Shah

Teacher, Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS), Ahmedabad

She is associated with MGIS since 2004, and is a senior teacher, past Primary Coordinator and also the Theory of Knowledge Coordinator and Language Coordinator at MGIS. She makes significant contributions to the learning processes in pedagogical workshops, and conceptualises ways to integrate curriculum into class projects.

Course Staff Image #9

Faraha Khericha

Teacher, Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS), Ahmedabad

She has created many engaging experiential learning projects such as ‘Creating a booklet on your-self’, ‘Stitching your life size puppet to know your body’, ‘Making your family tree installation’ etc. She has been part of teacher training programs and is part of the training team for the Co-creative experiential learning.

Course Staff Image #10

Komal Modi

Teacher, Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS), Ahmedabad

She has done various experiential learning projects such as ‘Creating your own Board Game’ (with Toy based pedagogy), ‘Running the café with a healthy menu’, ‘ Making your own Diwali gifts’ etc. She contributes to the learning processes in pedagogical training workshops conducted by the team and is part of the training team for the Co-creative experiential learning.

Course Anchor

Course Staff Image #11

Bobby Abrol

Lead, Professional Development | Tata Trusts

Bobby Abrol, Ph.D. from University of Houston, USA, has been with the education sector of India for almost 15 years in multiple roles; teacher, teacher educator, curriculum developer and researcher. Currently, she is working with Tata Trusts, a leading philanthropy organization in India, and leads a program on professional development of teachers.


Our acknowledgements to

Graphic Designer for the course:

The team of staff and students at Anand Niketan School, for their contribution to the Nai Taleem Video:

Sushama Sharma: Director and Principal, Anand Niketan School

Adwait D: Teacher and Alumni cell co-ordinator Nandini Nagrale class 9th

Khushbu Yadu

Yash Bhujade (former student 2020 batch)

Asu Kakde (former student 2021 batch)

Tushar Ingle (former student 2021 batch)

Our special thanks to

The creative team at Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad

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