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COOLTOL01 - Technologies for Online Learning in School Education - 2020 English

Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

  • This course is part of the modular courses of the Post Graduate Certificate for Reflective Teaching with ICT(RTICT). We are offering this online course as part of the TISS COOL (Connected Open Online Learning) Initiative for teachers and teacher educators to stay connected to learning during extraordinary times of COVID-19 lockdown. Please stay safe, healthy, and continue with your professional education during this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown period. You can use the or the tissx android app.
  • The course will orient teachers and facilitators on different distance technologies and its affordances for active and collaborative learning in school education.

  • At the end of this course, the teachers will be able to:
    • Explore various distance technologies and its tools available for online learning and for active learning.
    • Understand how different kinds of assessments can be conducted on various distance technology platforms.
    • Explore open educational resources (OER) available and its duration.

    Who can do this course?
    Teachers, student-teachers, and teacher educators associated with or teaching middle and secondary level students can enroll for this course.

    The course will cover the following:
    Unit 1: Introduction to Online Learning and its popular forms
    This unit will introduce learners to online learning and the different popular forms of online learning that are used in school education. It will also highlight the types of activities that can be used during online learning.

    Unit 2: Tools for Distance Technologies- Synchronous and Asynchronous
    This unit will discuss a wide array of tools for distance technology which are both synchronous and asynchronous in nature and will highlight the purpose of their usage, enabling one to choose which tool is suitable for online learning based on one’s access and needs.

    Unit 3: Assessments on Distance Technologies
    This unit will introduce various assessment techniques for school students that are available and can be used in distance technologies, focusing on what skills and learning one wishes to assess.

    Unit 4: Introduction to Open Educational Resources
    This unit will introduce the learner to the OER world, helping one to explore and navigate appropriate OERs based on one’s objective for online learning environments.

    The learners of this course can

    • Access the course via TISSx app on your mobile
    • Enroll through registration
    • Participate in online discussion forums and interact with other learners

    Duration for course completion: 8-10 hours

    There will be no certification for course completion in this course.

    TISS-COOL is supported by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and grants from the Tata Trusts and Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission for Teachers and Teaching.

    Resource Staff

    Dr. Amina Charania

    Ms. Sohini Sen

    Mr. Omkar Balli

    Mr. Sadaqat Mulla

    Mr. Roshan Singh

    Mr. Sumegh Paltiwale